A book is a Gift You Can Open Again and Again

Garrisson Keillor

As another way of giving back to the community, I've written books to share the knowledge I gained throughout my journey.

As a token of appreciation to you, I've attached a free chapter for each of my books.

You Got This:

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Development


We all want to be content in our lives. How do you make that happen? You actually have more control over your happiness than you might think. You Got This: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Development is your blueprint to solving your problems, overcoming your challenges, and living a truly meaningful life.

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Review by: Amazon Book Fan
Highly recommend for a burst of inspiration :)

Win the Year & Build Your Wealth:

A Guide to Your Next Year and the Rest of Your Life


What’s the difference between successful people and those who fail? Successful people do what it takes to succeed. They’re willing to do what others won’t.

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Review by: Helena
This book is truly amazing, it allows me to remain accountable and track my goals. I’m encouraging you guys to purchase this book. Life changing!!!

Freedom At Last:

What is Holding You back From Getting What You Want?


Mr. Smith has been invited to speaking engagements on numerous occasions to share his stories with the world and to help individuals and companies learn the secret of How to Use Rejections as YOUR Weapon for Success.

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Review by: Gina C
Good read... especially for someone at a crossroad in their career; someone contemplating whether to continue on their current path or do something new. The steps that Smith outlined are simple and easy to follow!