John Saye Smith Jr.

I was born in Liberia. Survived a civil war that left hundreds of thousands of people dead. I was able to make my way to America. I was beginning my new life but while working at a meat market, I sliced my right thumb. The doctors were able to save it and that's where I found my new purpose.

Other Multi Million Dollar Companies

I still felt something was missing. There are people in nursing homes who should have been able to remain in their own homes. I saw nurses and aides who were overworked, unhappy and unsatisfied.

That led to the creation of Prestige Healthcare Resources that provides care to people in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and soon, in Detroit.

Recognizing the growing need for behavioral health services for the homeless, Our team launched a non-profit organization utilizing the behavioral health integrated care model to address this unmet need.

I'm on a mission to help other immigrants and the black community in the United States overcome their limitations and build generational wealth

Now, to give back and to educate as many people as possible to be successful as possible, I have launched Your Life Style Navigator. A mentorship and training program with a mission to "promote hyper-growth, wealth accumulation, and wealth management skills that are essential for higher achievers to leave a financial legacy for future generations."

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